Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

Pupil Premium at Newark Orchard School

Our belief goes hand in hand with our mission statement of ‘Individual Growth, Individual People’ and to truly make an impact on the lives of young people for whom this funding is aimed, we need to know and understand our students’ well. Whilst acknowledging that we do have small class groups of students who have similar needs and therefore benefit from pooled resources, there are some who require bespoke interventions to improve their life chances.


What is pupil premium?

Pupil premium is additional funding for schools to help support disadvantaged pupils to achieve their full potential and to support children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces.

Pupil premium for 2020 – 2021

Category Funding per pupil
Pupils from reception to Year 6 £1,345
Pupils from year 7 to Year 11 £955
LAC pupils (Looked after children) £2345
Post LAC (Looked after children) £2345
Reception to Year 11 services children £310


Newark Orchard School and Pupil Premium


The school will ensure that Pupil premium reaches the group it is intended for and ensure that it makes an impact on their education and development.

At Newark Orchard School the pupil premium will be used to provide additional interventions and support to help raise achievement.

The funding is aimed to close the gap between pupil premium students and their peers.

This is currently being achieved for the vast majority of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding.

How we will ensure the effective use of the pupil premium money.

The pupil premium money will be clearly identified.

Staff and the Senior Leadership Team will identify students and agree which interventions are appropriate to support the development of each student.

The Senior Leadership Team will report on the effective use of pupil premium to governors and report on the progress for all students.

Staff will track and analyse the impact of the strategies that are put into place to ensure value is added to the Pupil premium student’s progress.

Newark Orchard School will monitor and review the impact of interventions funded through the use of pupil premium.


The context of Newark Orchard 2020/2021

The number of pupils on roll- 136

category Number of pupils Funding allocated
Pupils in reception – Year 11 receiving free school meals 51 £40,890
Post LAC (Looked after children) 6 £14.070
LAC (Looked after children) 6 £14,070

Total without LAC pupils is £54,960

With the primary focus being on raising achievement and closing the gap between our Pupil premium students and their peers, examples of how the pupil premium funding is being used include:

  • Specialist TA offering Emotional Support
  • Puberty & Sexual Awareness groups
  • Travel Training
  • Anxious Learners Provision
  • English & maths targeted interventions
  • Sensory Interventions
  • Attendance interventions

All students receive interventions appropriate to their needs and can be tracked in line with progress data. The interventions are monitored and reported on.

Reporting outcomes

It is be the responsibility of the Head teacher to produce a report for the Governing Body that will include:

Progress data

Report on expenditure

Termly Impact Report.


Please see attached expenditure plans 2020/2021 and review reports.

pupil premium 2019-2020 reviewed

Pupil Premium 2020-2021 Reviewed


Sports Premium 2020-2021

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