Our Values, Rights and Responsibilities


Our Rights and Responsibilities.


At Newark Orchard School, we encourage all of our pupils to contribute positively to society. One way we promote this in supporting the children to understand the Newark Orchard school’s 5 rights;

  • Everyone has the right to be valued.
  • Everyone has the right to be heard.
  • Everyone has the right to be understood.
  • Everyone has the right to feel safe.
  • Everyone has the right to learn.

This is further supported through our version of the British values. Each month we promote a different value which is explored through assemblies, classroom discussions and for the younger children, a weekly reward.

British Values Statement

Promoting British Values

Our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural curriculum ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to explore current issues surrounding modern day life and the skills required to keep themselves and others safe.

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