Our ethos is to offer each and every child attending the school the opportunity to develop not only academically but also socially and emotionally. We have developed our curriculum to offer individual pathways for each pupil.

Explorer Pathway

The Explorer pathway is for pupils with complex needs who require a different approach to their learning. It focuses on early communication, social, emotional and cognitive skills that are vital foundations for learning.

The Engagement Profile and Engagement with Adulthood are used to monitor each pupil’s progress alongside targets which may be set in partnership with the Physiotherapist, the Speech & Language therapist and the Occupational Therapist where appropriate.

Adventurer Pathway

The Adventurer pathway is for pupils who have developed their skills a little further and who are showing engagement with their learning. The pupils begin to experience individual curriculum subjects within a topic based approach. Pupils’ journeys as a learner are still individual and activities are differentiated to meet their needs. This pathway supports each pupil in acquiring early learning skills in order to become effective communicators, thinkers and problem solvers.

This group of learners will likely have a spikey profile but the expectation is that they will move through targets set using Wilson Stuart to monitor progress in communication, reading, writing, number, scientific enquiry and social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

Trailblazer Pathway

The Trailblazer pathway is for pupils who are working above the previous P Levels and have moved further on in their learning. This group of pupils are taught through individual subjects and their progress is monitored using Wilson Stuart.


As pupils move to our 14-18 department they will have the opportunity to work towards appropriate accreditation in English, maths and science alongside vocational subjects including horticulture, hair & beauty, shopping & cooking and animal care.

When moving to Post 16 the pupils will work towards functional skills in English, maths, independent living and ASDAN CoPE level one.

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