Visiting Newark Orchard School

The school welcomes parents/carers to visit the school if your child has an Education, Health and Care plan or in the process of obtaining one. If you would like to visit the school, please call to make an appointment. The deputy head teachers will be happy to show you around the school and to talk generally about how the school meets the needs of pupils. However, during your visit we would not be in a position to say if your child’s needs could be met by the school, nor whether a place at the school could be offered, as this is a decision for the Integrated Children’s Disability Service.

We ask on initial visits that only parents and/or carers visit the school. Once a place is confirmed, we have a transition team that will organise visits for your child and attend relevant meetings regarding your child, to ensure a smooth and individual transition.

All pupils attending Newark Orchard have an EHC plan which names Newark Orchard as their school. If you are thinking about asking for a place at Newark Orchard and your child doesn’t have an EHCP, you should discuss this with your child’s current school.


The process of agreeing a place at Newark Orchard School

The decision about whether your child can be given a place at Newark Orchard is made by a member of the ICDS team. This decision is made after considering your child’s special needs, detailed in their EHC Plan following discussion with an Educational Psychologist and the Head Teacher of Newark Orchard School.


If your child is offered a place at Newark Orchard, the Local Authority (LA) will consider whether your child is eligible for home to school transport, according to the LA’s Transport Policy.

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Newark Orchard School