Equality and Diversity

Newark Orchard School Equality Targets 

To ensure that any gap in attainment between different groups is not significant There is rigorous monitoring of the progress of all groups, to clearly identify any underachievement in performance and adjust provision to support progress. The senior leadership team and key staff alongside the school governing body monitor this objective
To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular activities, with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity Through assemblies and the PHSCE and RSHE curriculum. Pupils are given an awareness of different cultures, religions and beliefs through an enriched curriculum. Ensuring pupils do not use homophobic, sexist or racist language and that any incidents are dealt with immediately.
To ensure that the everyday language used around school and across the curriculum supports the ethos of the school and promotes equality  All literature, curriculum resources and songs used to reinforce skills in counting does not inadvertently present any prejudice towards any protected characteristic. This will be rigorously monitored through the school’s Quality Assurance procedures.
To ensure that the whole school curriculum meets the needs of the diverse range of needs across the school. There is a rigorous procedure in place to review and monitor the curriculum offer to ensure all students are able to access a wide range of opportunities matched to their needs
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Newark Orchard School