The aim of RSHE is to help children build healthy friendships and positive relationships in an age appropriate way. The overall objectives of the RSHE curriculum are about raising awareness of attitudes and values, developing personal and social skills and promoting knowledge and understanding. RSHE covers more than biological facts and information. It endeavours to help children develop self-esteem, self-responsibility as well as the acquisition of understanding and attitudes which prepare children to develop caring, stable, healthy relationships. Appreciation of the value of self-respect, dignity, marriage, civil partnership and parental duty should be encouraged in all pupils together with the Newark Orchard School – Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Policy – Reviewed June 2023 Page 4 sensitivity to the needs of others, loyalty and acceptance of responsibility. RSHE will look at aspects of diversity in an inclusive and non-judgemental way.


For more information, please see the policy and the sequence of teaching RSHE below.

RSHE Curriculum

Relationship Education Relationships Sex Education Health Education

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